Pre-trip Excitement

Is it really possible to be so excited for an upcoming trip when I really have no idea what to expect? Perhaps, the unknown is the source of all my excitement, and perhaps the foundation for my desire to always try something new.

It is officially 28 days away. I still have 24 more days of class and 28 more days until it is “wheels up” at Newark International Airport. I find myself constantly drifting away from class conversations and thinking about what it will be like to live in a foreign country for three entire months. I find myself looking up all the “hip” cafe’s in Eilat and the hidden gems of Jerusalem. If you look in my email history you will find most of what I send is links to my mom of places I want to see while in Israel and places that I know my mom will find of interest.

Can it really still be 28 days away? My excitement level is at an all-time high and I don’t even know most of the details for my summer excursions. All I know is that on May 5th I will leave to Israel and on June 16th I begin my internship program. There are minor details in between that I know, but for the most part everything is still unknown. I used to hate not knowing, I had to know every detail of every moment. After my incredible experience last summer in California, I have come to appreciate the thrill of not knowing. There is no room for disappointment and a ton of potential for a summer of a lifetime.

I better get back to paying attention in class, after all finals are only three weeks away.