People often ask me why I am never home during my summers. I tell them it is the one opportunity I have to see the world that exists outside of the bubble I was raised in. Summertime provides me the opportunity to grow as a person through my vast experiences of travel where I have met people from around the world and discovered what it means to see life from another perspective.

Here I go, off on another adventure; this time abroad. I will be departing for Israel on May 5th with Michigan State University’s Hillel Birthright Trip. On May 15th, the Birthright trip ends and I will meet my mother at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv where we will begin our month-long journey discovering Israel together. For my mother, this will be her first time back in the Holy Land since she was there 39  years ago. For me, this will be an opportunity to explore my culture, heritage and the country I have grown to love with the person who instilled within me a passion for this great place, my mother.

After our month-long excursion ends, I will join the rest of the participants on Onward Israel Internship program, on June 16th, where we will go to Jerusalem, the place we will be living and working for the remainder of the summer. I am beyond excited to have the opportunity, once again, to meet people from around the world and gain first-hand experience as I intern with Lone Star Communications (http://www.lonestar.co.il/), an international media relations firm.

I am new to blogging, and I don’t often share my feelings from my experiences with the world. But, I figured this three-month journey will be life changing and it might be beneficial to share my thoughts with someone other than myself. I hope this blog brings you joy and insight into the world I will be living in, in a completely new country with people I have never met. Enjoy!

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One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Looking forward to your blog..
    & keeping up with your adventure!!!
    Embrace every experience with fervor!!!

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