The Little Things In Life

As most of you reading this post know, I spent a month of last summer on a program in California (it’s not like I haven’t talked about it a lot…..). It was the most remarkable program and experience I have ever been through. I left Brandeis, California with a whole new understanding of myself and appreciation for other, but most importantly I left with a new group of friends. It is often hard to stay in contact with people after programs end or time goes on, but after finishing this summer program in California I knew it would not be hard to keep in contact with the people I became closest with.

During the 28 days spent on the program I had the opportunity to meet and become close with participants from around the world. I was able to hear others stories and share moments that no one outside of the program would ever understand. After leaving BCI I stayed in close contact with my friend Carli, from New Zealand. During the program the two of us were inseparable. We had never met prior to the start of the program, but immediately clicked and felt as if we had known each other most of our lives.

I never stopped to think about how amazing it is that here I am, a year later, still in contact with Carli. Carli just left Israel a few days ago and although we only had three days together it was so special to have had that opportunity to catch up and reminisce. No matter how much time pasts or how busy our lives are, we make sure to stay in contact and up to date on each others lives. Also while in Israel, I ran into my friend Jordyn, Tamar, Emily and Lauren (all from BCI). It was crazy to be at various places throughout this country and run into friends from different states back home. After running into these friends and saying goodbye to Carli I started to really appreciate the value of my friendships with people I have become close with and had the occasion of meeting. No matter where we are in the world at the points in our lives, friends are such a special thing to have. I know that no matter where I am, I have friends like Carli to call and chat with… even if she is in New Zealand.

One of my favorite parts of all these different worldly opportunities I have had and continue to experience is the chance to meet people from all over. It is amazing to see what different lives everyone live, but how similar so many of our interests are and outlooks on life.

The simple things in life I tell ya…. quite amazing.

Exploring Tel Aviv... hopefully next it will be in New Zealand

Exploring Tel Aviv… hopefully next it will be in New Zealand


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